District Census Handbook

The District Census Handbook (DCHB) is an important publication of the Census Organization since 1951. It contains both Census and non Census data of urban and rural areas for each District of Haryana. The Census data provides information on demographic and socio-economic characteristics of population at the lowest administrative unit i.e. village in rural areas, town and ward in urban areas of the District.

Census Data in DCHB
The Primary Census Abstract (PCA) part of this publication contains Census data including data on household amenities collected during 1st phase of the Census i.e. House Listing and Housing Census and population data collected during second phase of Census i.e Population Enumeration.
Non census Data
The non Census data presented in the DCHB is in the form of Village Directory and Town Directory contain information on various infrastructure facilities available in the village and town viz; education, medical, drinking water, communication and transport, post, electricity, banking, and other miscellaneous facilities.

The data of DCHB 2011 Census have been presented in two parts, Part-A contains Village and Town Directory and Part-B contains Village and Town wise Primary Census Abstract. Both the Parts have been published in separate volumes in 2011 Census.