Mapping Activities in Directorate of Census Operation Haryana

The Map Section of Directorate of Census Operation, Haryana performs a vital role in preparing various kinds of maps for State, districts, sub-districts (Tehsil / CD blocks), villages, towns, wards, and the Census enumeration block levels.

Broadly two categories of maps are prepared by the Map section.
  1. Maps for use in Census (pre-census)
  2. Maps for use in data dissemination (post-census)

The pre-census maps are the maps which represent the latest position of the administrative jurisdiction and all changes notified by the State Government in respect of the clubbing of villages or determination of boundaries of municipalities etc.These Census Enumeration Block Maps (CEB) are used in each phase of census taking, i.e., House listing operation and Population Enumeration.

The post-census mapping includes dissemination of the census data through thematic maps on various Census themes at National/State/District or Sub-District level allowing proper spatial analysis. Census Atlas, Administrative Atlas, Atlas on Houses, Household Amenities and Assets, Primary Census Abstract, Parliamentary and Assembly Constituency Atlas, District Maps showing Village boundaries are some of the prominent decennial publications of the organization. These various kind of publication helps to read and understand the various demographic, economic and socio-cultural patterns of the real-world environment through maps. It also helps to understand the relationship between the various socio-economic indicators and their geographical patterns. The adoption of the various techniques of  Geographic Information System (GIS) has made the mapping work more comprehensive and has improved the quality of the Census Maps. These maps are the primary source of information needed for effective development and planning. These maps are made available to various user agencies, planners, researchers, students, and policy makers as these maps provide the foundation, for a wide range of analysis required to improve the standards of living of a country in the world.